Naya is Spanish for narcolepsy

In August of 2015, my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to adopt a rescue dog.  We went to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, where we met and fell in love with a real sweetheart of a dog.  We brought her home, and named her Naya.  In pretty much every respect, Naya's an amazing dog.  She is gentle, quiet, good around strangers, obedient (most of the time), clean, and a first-class cuddler, much to my girlfriend's delight.

My girlfriend and I are decidedly not morning people.  We would prefer our day to start around 10 or 11 am, and end well after midnight.  One worry I had in getting a dog was that those days were going to come to an abrupt end.  I feared getting a dog that was bouncing off the walls at 5:30 in the morning, eager to get outside and start the day.  So you can imagine my relief when I learned that Naya is also not a fan of mornings!  This dog is a professional sleeper.  I've seen her go into REM sleep just a couple minutes after plopping down into my lap...while I'm watching an action movie on TV, loudly...and eating dinner.

Naya's love for napping has since become a joke around our house, and eventually it turned into some "motivational" posters that my girlfriend and I send back-and-forth.  And so, I give you "Watchdog", a gallery of Naya's motivational messages.  I hope they inspire you to go out there and be somebody -- somebody who'll grab the bull by the horns, wrestle the bull to the ground, and then fall asleep using the bull as a pillow!